Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mommy & Baby Birdies under the Rainbow Nursery Wall Art

This is a set of two 8 X 8 original paintings showing a mommy and baby birdies in a nest under a happy rainbow, surrounded by fluffy white clouds. This set would look great in a modern nursery or kid's room. If you are creating a birdies, clouds & sky or a rainbow nursery theme, this set will be the perfect match. It would also look adorable if you are creating your nursery in a blue & green color palette.

I drew the set using acrylic paints on high-quality hand-stretched canvas. I was inspired by my daughter - the first time she saw a bird's nest, she was astonished by the mommy bird and little birdies, and I was too... by her reaction.

This design would also look great in a light pink / deep pink and green color combination.

Price: $58, FREE shipping
Welcome to Tiny Art Designs!

Tiny Art Designs features unique handmade paintings and wall d├ęcor for your baby’s nursery or kid’s room. My art is inspired by my daughter and memories from my childhood, and is created with lots of love.

For all the little girls and boys - something special - because each and every child is truly special.

All of my art is custom-made - do let me know if you would like a special size, color or personalization.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Three Pink Swans Wall Art

This 10 X 10 painting will be ideal for a baby girl nursery, a girl's bedroom or playroom. Three pretty pink swans are painted on light pink background and "framed" in a violet-colored frame with little chocolate twirls. The sides of the canvas are also painted in violet for a finished look.

Price: $40

Life Nursery Wall Art

This is a 10 x 10 wall painting which is great for a baby girl's or a baby boy's room. Showing three of each - a birdie, a blossoming tree and a flower - I drew the painting to symbolize life and growth. The colors scheme - brown, soft yellow, green and orange-red - is neutral enough for a nursery, but also offers brighter hues which are sure to get baby's attention.

Price: $40

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mommy & Baby Frogs with Sparkly Dragonflies Original Canvas

This is a 10 x 10 original painting in a blue and green color scheme - a great addition to a nursery or a kid's room.

A mommy and a baby frog rest on water lily leaves and a family of dragonflies wonders in the air. The wings of the dragonflies are painted with a blue paint that has a light shimmer to it. The sky is a very light blue color to contrast with the deep blue water. Every little detail is hand designed and painted.

The materials used are acrylic paints on artist-quality hand-stretched canvas. The sides of the painting are also painted for a finished look - no frame needed.

Price: $40, FREE Shipping